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Get Dipped in Dolce at our Aurora Tan Vero Beach Studio. Regular or rapid Dolce Glow solutions are available. Solutions are customized at the time of appointment.

Appointments are booked 30 minutes.

Mobile Pricing



We provide a convenient in-home or hotel option for those seeking to glow on the go. Our certified spray tan artist will arrive at your location, set up, deliver your Dipped in Dolce tan experience, swiftly pack up and leave you glowing! Travel fee may apply depending on location.

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Group Pricing
Bride Squad



Our group tan experience is perfect for any bridal party, birthday, dance competition, or just a fun girls' night. The host receives a complimentary tan when hosting 4 friends. Travel fee may apply depending on location.



Try to book other routine services prior to your tan; e.g. manicure/pedicure, waxing, facial, hair treatments, etc. 

Be sure to EXFOLIATE 24 hours before your appointment! Shave 12 hours before your appointment. Stay away from cleansing oils. After showering, DO NOT apply lotions, oils, or perfumes. 

Take a basic shower - no oils, no lotions/creams, nor perfumes. Use deodorant sparingly. Wear or bring dark, loose clothing and open-toed sandals like flip flops or slides. Avoid restrictive, tight clothing such as workout clothes, bras, etc. 


At arrival we will establish your skin type and desired shade to ensure you get the best customized glow. We will address any questions you may have and confirm that your consent forms are complete. You’ll be provided with a hair cap to protect your hair and offered disposable underwear & eye/nose/ear coverings. These are optional and offered as a courtesy, recommended but not required (unless by your healthcare professional*).

 You will disrobe to your comfort level. Most people tan nude or topless, but it's completely up to each individual client. We like to remind our clients that any covered areas will not tan and will produce tan lines. Once you’ve disrobed, you will enter the tanning area & your hands/feet will be prepped. An extraction fan is used inside the tent to minimize overspray.


You will be guided throughout the entire tanning process on how to stand and position yourself. Once complete, you will be dried thoroughly and blended in areas with bending skin (elbows, wrists, ankles, etc.) Your hands and feet will be cleaned. Once completely dry, you will dress in loose clothing or a robe. The session only takes about 20 minutes, but the tan will continue to develop over the following hours. It is important to follow post tan instructions to achieve optimal results!

It is very important to refrain from
showering and sweating for 6 - 8 hours after tan.

The first shower is a thorough lukewarm water-only rinse - no soap, no loofahs! Use your hands to remove the bronzer. Pay attention to legs, back of arms, ankles, etc.

The #1 cause for streaks is that the bronzer was not rinsed off properly and can stain the skin for a few days.

Wait 12 hours AFTER your initial rinse before applying any kind of lotion. Cetaphil & CeraVe are our favorites. Keep the skin moisturized to prolong your tan. Apply moisturizer at least twice a day. Avoid AHA, BHA, retinols. Avoid saunas, chlorinated water & saltwater if possible. Shaving is okay 3 days after your tan if needed. Workouts are okay16 - 24 hours post-tan and we recommend an additional rinse off prior to working out. Avoid non-Dolce Glow self-tanners, as they may cause yellowing. 


The length of your spray tan really depends on the maintenance afterwards. Moisturizing and staying hydrated are two important factors to support the length of your tan! 

Ready for a radiant sun-kissed glow?

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